Coronavirus: What Is It and How to Spot It

Coronavirus Symptoms and Treatment_Air Doctor

News about coronavirus is doing the rounds. Just how worried should you be and what symptoms should you look out for?

Coronavirus patient numbers are quickly climbing to the 10,000-mark and well over 100 people have already died. The bulk of these patients have been from China but it seems that the virus is spreading at a rapid pace, with cases already reported in Australia, the United States and Germany.

Coronavirus 101

Coronavirus is actually linked to a virus strain that causes disease in animals. Unfortunately, the virus has now jumped to humans. There have actually been strains of coronavirus in the past and this current strain of the virus is known as Wuhan coronavirus.

What Symptoms to Look Out For

Some of the first symptoms that you might notice if you’ve been infected are:

  • Fatigue
  • Breathing difficulties
  • A cough
  • Sort throat
  • High temperatures

As you can see, these symptoms could easily be mistaken for other types of respiratory diseases such as colds and flu. Symptoms of coronavirus are said to appear 2 – 10 days after you’ve contracted it. This means that if you’ve been in contact with someone who is infected or you’ve recently travelled to a high-risk area, you might want to get tested if you start experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms.

Coronavirus High-Risk Areas

Currently, the high-risk areas for coronavirus are:

  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • The United States
  • Australia

The United Kingdom is also on this list, even though it’s placed much further down.

How Coronavirus Spreads

Droplets from coughs and sneezes are how this virus spreads between carriers. This includes inhaling or touching the droplets and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

It’s for this reason that hygiene is so important as a first line of defense against this virus. Wash your hands frequently and carry a hand sanitiser with you wherever you go, especially if you will be travelling. It also helps to be very aware of touching your face if you know you haven’t washed your hands recently.

In social situations, it’s best to avoid sharing snacks or using bowls or packets that other strangers have touched. If you happen to be in a high-risk area, rather refrain from shaking hands with or kissing others.

Keep any devices that you touch on a daily basis such as your smartphone and laptop as clean as possible.

Seeking Help for Coronavirus

According to world health officials, if you feel that you might be infected, don’t go straight to a hospital or doctor as you could end up spreading the virus. The best thing to do is to quarantine yourself and phone a nearby hospital or medical professional. A doctor will be able to tell you what next steps to take if you think you’ve been exposed to coronavirus.

Unfortunately, just like the common cold, there is no cure for coronavirus. It is possible for coronavirus to dissipate on its own, it’s only when it turns into pneumonia that it becomes more dangerous because this causes breathing difficulties. Unfortunately, even if breathing difficulties occur, the only way to alleviate this symptom is to offer the patient support as there are currently no antivirals for this.

Doctors Are Using This Free Service to Attract Global Patients to Their Private Offices

“Independent doctors are the heart of our business.” – Jenny Cohen Derfler, Founder & CEO of Air Doctor

Today’s private medical practices are recognizing the need to implement new technologies that streamline the patient outreach process, enabling them to attract new patients in a way that was unimaginable just a few short years ago. While many offices focus on modernized treatments and record management software, the most successful ones are also tapping into a free platform that allows them to boost private bookings from travelers from around the globe.

Widespread connectivity has created a new global system of vacationers, ex-pats, and business travelers who explore new regions for longer periods of time. Doctors are already familiar that while backpacking, working, or even sunbathing, many of these patients become injured or fall ill and have nowhere to go. Calling back home to their insurance company, a patient with a non-urgent injury or illness will be directed to an Emergency Room, even though there may be a highly-skilled medical professional next door who speaks their native language.

This legacy practice by insurance companies of recommending people be treated in a foreign language within a foreign system leaves patients feeling overwhelmed and untrusting of local medical professionals. Through Air Doctor, local doctors in these areas are helping ill patients in their private offices, delivering personalized care travelers need while abroad.

New Patients

Today’s personalized world is proving that Emergency Rooms are an outdated fallback system. With hundreds of millions of global travelers annually, Doctors can now address nearly 90% of these medical cases, effortlessly filling schedules and expanding their client base from their town, to the world.

Recognizing doctor opportunity and traveler needs, Air Doctor is actively building up its global network of over 7000 physicians and medical care specialists in every region. Designed to help Doctor’s showcase their abilities, Air Doctor gives an always-free platform to doctors in exchange for caring for sick patients. At the same time, Air Doctor manages marketing and partnerships to get more clients out of hospital ER’s and into private offices.

One of the key features is that it takes the payment process out of the patient’s hands.

Thousands of times a month, ill travelers are opening up their mobile application to search this network, filtering doctors by region, specialty, language, and rating. Then, with a quick tap of a button, they can see a physician’s open time slots and book instantly.

“Independent doctors are the heart of our business. Thanks to them, we are able to help travelers from around the globe to find high-quality and local care. Doctor’s who list their specialties on our always-free platform enable ill travelers to book quickly, receive treatment, and move on with their journey.”– Jenny Cohen Derfler, Founder & CEO of Air Doctor.

Everything, including payments, are handled through Air Doctor. A patient can leave a review, letting future travelers know that the person who cared for them is a helpful, intelligent, and trustworthy doctor for anyone else in the area who becomes sick.

New Revenue

With more doctors setting out to open their own practices, bringing in new patients is one of the most tedious and stressful tasks of any private practice. Assisting with this, Air Doctor will make private practices easily findable to any private patient in the area who is seeking your specialty.

For doctors who want to focus on medical care, not marketing, Air Doctor is key for building an online presence.

Being a trusted companion for today’s savvy traveler, the Air Doctor mobile application automatically directs patients to private practices, free of charge, by matching qualifications with their needs. To increase the likelihood of a good match, all doctors need to do is list spoken languages, qualifications, and specialties along with open time slots. This will allow patients to instantly book an appointment allowing them to easily find qualified practices where they can be treated without any of the usual booking headaches.

One of the key features is that it takes the payment process out of the patient’s hands. Air Doctor manages all payments, ensuring that every doctor is paid for every visit.  Upon registering a practice, Air Doctor verifies key information and agrees on a fixed price per basic consultation. Payments are managed by Air Doctor’s mobile application or website, allowing doctors to see noticeable revenue increase, worry-free.


Instant connectivity has allowed countless businesses to flourish. For doctors who want to focus on medical care, not marketing, Air Doctor is key for building an online presence. Giving each physician a personal profile, they are connecting with numerous patients monthly. When patients leave a review, it allows for private visitors to see not only a doctor’s skills but how they’ve helped others as well.

This stable and growing platform is free of membership fees, sign-on fees, or any other fees. If those who want to join thousands of verified, globally recognized physicians and specialists, visit or email

Top 9 Destinations for Those Who Love the Outdoors

Iceland_Lonely Planet

If you simply can’t get enough of nature and are planning your next vacation, these are the destinations you should consider.

If you live for the outdoors, you probably prefer vacation destinations that allow you to explore and take in all the beauty that nature has to offer.

From exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery to thrilling activities, we have put together some of our top outdoor vacation destinations, so that you can start planning your next trip.

Must-Visit Outdoors Destinations

1. Patagonia

Source: Gear Junkie

Located in Southern Argentina, Patagonia is pure paradise for outdoor adventurers. There are so many things to do and see in this unspoiled landscape but the W Trek is definitely at the top of the list. This is known as one of the most spectacular hikes in the world and includes the peaks of Torres del Paine. If you aren’t in the mood to hike, you can always explore the clear lakes, dense forests and mountain passes on horseback or on a bicycle. Patagonia also has many exciting climbing routes.

2. Yosemite

Source: National Geaographic

This infamous national park is based in California is a place that every adventurer should see at least once. Choose from over 750 hiking trails, take a river rafting trip or simply enjoy the scenery and birdlife from absolutely anywhere in the park. If rock climbing is more your thing, you should definitely head to Glacier Park to see the falls.

3. New Zealand

Source: NZ Herald

From gorgeous stretches of coastline and snow-capped mountains to shimmering lakes, one trip to New Zealand is simply not enough if you love the outdoors. If you want to experience a bit of everything, Queenstown is the best place to go as it offers everything from diving and white water rafting to hiking and climbing. For those who love a bit of adrenaline first thing in the morning, you’ll be pleased to know that Queenstown is where bungee jumping first originated and is still popular.

4. Costa Rica

Source: Brightwater Holidays

If you prefer a more tropical atmosphere for your vacation but still want to experience the outdoors, Costa Rica is the perfect destination. You can snorkel, surf or head inland to hike in the Volcán National Park. Costa Rica is more remote than many other destinations, which is a big part of its charm. Plus, you’ll have an array of relaxing accommodation options to choose from that are also immersed in nature.

5. Iceland

Source: Lonely Planet

Iceland is the perfect base for all kinds of activities and the landscape is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Adventurers can explore volcanic landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs during their stay here. Many people don’t know that you can even dive in Iceland in the Silfra fissure, located between the North American and Eurasian plates.

6. New Mexico

Source: No Man Before

Just outside of Marfa Texas, you will find New Mexico, a space where you can really get away from it all and get lost in nature. The White Sands National Monument is definitely a must-see while here – the white sand dunes are unreal and a sight you will not soon forget. New Mexico is perfect for those who enjoy road trips, pitstops and camping adventures.

7. Ecuador

Source: Sunvil

Ecuador, in general, is known for its green, sprawling landscapes but if you want to see the best of it, head to the Mindo Cloud Forest just outside of Quito. Discover hundreds of bird species, ride a cable car across the valley or take a hike to one of the many waterfalls where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. There is even a thrilling Tarzan swing for you to try. Another must-see is the butterfly and hummingbird farm in the town of Mindo.

8. Switzerland

Source: Lonely Planet

This is an all-year-round adventure destination. The sights of Switzerland will truly take your breath away. Whether you want to hike in the Jungfrau region, ski in the alps or whitewater raft down Lütschine Rive, there is something for everyone in Switzerland. When you’re done for the day, you can head back to a cosy cabin unwind and relax for the rest of the evening.

9. Indonesia

Source: Mount Rinjani National Park

There is so much to explore in Indonesia, mainly because it’s the world’s largest island country. From ancient temples in Java to the enchanting rice paddies in Bali, there really is so much to see and do. One of the top destinations for adventure lovers is the active volcano in Mount Rinjani National Park, which is located on the island of Lombok.

Must-Know Tips If You Want to See Europe By Train

Seeing Europe By Train_Air Doctor

If you want to see as much of Europe as you can, travelling by train is one of the best options – here’s how to do it more efficiently.

Europe has a fantastic railway system and while you may need to do some hopping between stations, it’s still one of the best ways to explore the continent.

Not only are European trains frequent and reliable but they’re comfortable too. Plus, it beats having to hire a car and drive everywhere yourself.

If you’re planning to see your favorite European countries by train this year, we’ve outlined a few tips that will help you make the most of this transport option.

Europe’s Railway Lines

Here are the websites you can visit to purchase your train tickets through Europe. Each of the railways have different routes and operate at different times though, so you might want to do some research and comparisons depending on where you want to go.

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European Train Trips for the Travel Lover

  • Consider Getting an Extended Pass

If you’re looking for flexibility and more freedom of choice, you can’t go wrong with a rail pass. The passes can be a little confusing to understand at first though because your country of residence as well as your destinations will need to be taken into account. Prices can also vary depending on your age or if you want to travel on a high-speed or night train. Some sites might lead you to believe that a rail pass will work out cheaper but this isn’t always the case. It’s always best to compare a pass with individual tickets before you book anything.

  • Don’t Try and See It All

When you have the option to zip between cities it can be tempting to try and see as much as you can but this isn’t always the best idea. Travelling 5 hours to get to another city isn’t much but these blocks of time can really eat into your day and take time away from sightseeing. If you’re travelling to a fairly large city, aim to stay at least 3 nights if you really want to explore. Many travellers also make the mistake of thinking that because two cities look close together on a map, the travel time will be minimal. The reality is you could actually end up travelling for most of the day in some instances. If you need to make a lot of changes on an indirect route, your journey can take much longer.

  • Opt for the Scenic Route If You Can

When you first start searching for tickets, you will be met with the fastest routes. However, it’s definitely worthwhile looking into the more scenic routes, even if they do take a little longer. The European countryside is filled with breath-taking scenes that you shouldn’t miss out on if you can help it.

  • Bring Some Food Along

Depending on how long you’ll be in your train compartment, you might want to take a small picnic along. Yes, most trains do have a restaurant car or have snacks for sale onboard but nothing substantial. If you want to eat something proper, stock up on some bread, ham, cheese and other snacks before your trip. Some lines will even allow you to bring some wine onboard.

  • Don’t Forget about the Smaller Cities

When people start planning trips to Europe, bigger cities such as Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam tend to land on their lists first. However, there are so many unique and beautiful towns and villages that you can reach by train that should definitely be included on your list. Something that many travellers tend to do is stay in a smaller city and take day trips out from there, which generally allows them to see much more.

Choosing to travel by train is an excellent way to get around and with a little pre-planning, this could end up being one of the most scenic vacations you’ve ever been on.

Essential Wellness Tips for Business Travellers

Health Tips for Business Travellers_Air Doctor

Travel for work quite often? This is how you can keep your body and mind healthy and strong.

 It can be a real challenge to stay healthy when you’re constantly travelling for work. When you’re hopping between planes, trains, cars and hotel rooms, you often deprive your body of the essentials because you simply don’t have the time or access to your usual meals, supplies and amenities.

If you’re tired of feeling fatigued and ill upon returning home from your business trips, these tips can help you stay clear of the usual side effects of travel.

How to Stay Healthy While Away on Business

Cut Out Jet Lag

If you will be travelling to a different time zone, you can start acclimatising your body ahead of time to ensure you can get enough sleep while you’re away. A good night’s sleep is not only essential for your energy levels but your mood too. When you do get the chance to get some sleep, take the opportunity instead of staying up late watching television or catching up on emails. Read this blog for more jet lag prevention tips.

Download a Fitness App

Moving and stretching your body is another way to stay both fit and healthy during your business trips. On-demand fitness apps are a great way to keep your energy and fitness levels high throughout your trip and there is a wide selection of free and paid apps available that will provide you with step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow in your hotel room.

Keep Your Hydration Levels Up

Yes, it’s a simple tip but dehydration can lead to fatigue and a lack of focus, two things you definitely don’t need while you’re travelling for work. Not drinking enough water also makes illness more likely.

Increase Your Protein Intake

If you want to stay fuller for longer and not fill up on unhealthy snacks, add more protein to each of your meals. As an added bonus, protein is known to help you think more clearly too, which will come in handy during your trip if you need to sit through long meetings. If possible, it also helps to plan your meals, even if this means identifying healthier items on your hotel menu or making reservations at restaurants that offer healthier dishes.

Take a Brain Breather

While it might feel impossible to take time out to relax when you’re on a business trip, even a 30 minute bath can give your body and mind the recharge it needs. Even better, if your hotel has a spa, schedule in a quick massage to get rid of any tension that’s present in your body.

Take Some Vitamins Along

Between all the handshakes and the recycled airplane air, your immune system could do with a bit of a boost. Along with keeping some hand sanitiser in your hand luggage, take a multi-vitamin on every trip for some added support.

Staying healthy as a business traveller is possible, it’s just about taking the time to plan and be more mindful as you go about your day.

9 Places to Visit When You’re Travelling on a Budget

Cambodia_Affordable Travel Destinations_Air Doctor

Want to get the most value from your next vacation, here are a few destinations you might want to consider.

Memorable vacations don’t need to cost a fortune. When you know where to go and how to spend your time, you can end up having one of the best vacations of your life.

The world is brimming with affordable destinations, you just need to look past the usual choices.

If you want to plan your next vacation but you don’t have the biggest budget, here are a few destinations to look into.

Affordable and Beautiful Travel Destinations

  1. Budapest – Hungary
Source: Trip Savvy

Located in Central Europe, Budapest is filled with unique bars, old buildings and art. For just a few dollars a day, you can explore the sites of the city and indulge in some of the local cuisine. Some of the most popular things to do include soaking in a thermal bath and wondering around places like Keleti station.

  • Cambodia – Asia
Source: Britannica

If you head to Southeast Asia, you will find Cambodia, one of the most beautiful and hospitable destinations in the world. Absolutely everything from accommodation to transport and food is affordable. If backpacking is something you enjoy, this is the perfect destination. Along with exploring all of the natural beauty that the country has to offer, mingling with the friendly locals is one of the best experiences.

  • Peubla – Mexico
Source: Visit Mexico

Peubla is a UNESCO heritage site and if you love history and architecture, this is definitely a destination to consider. The city is well known for its beautiful churches and even though this is Mexico’s fourth largest city, you won’t need to worry about hoards of other tourists. This city is very tranquil and if you will be dining out, don’t forget to try their famous Mole sauce.

  • Madhya Pradesh – India
Source: List Absolute

If you’re a sucker for wildlife, Madhya Pradesh will deliver one of the most unique experiences, not to mention the fact that excursions are very affordable. The Pench National Park and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are two places you have to visit while here. From tigers and spotted deer to wild boar, there is an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty to enjoy in this unique part of India. Madhya Pradesh is also known for its historical towns and temples, including Mandu.

  • Laguna – Philippines
Source: Philippine Star

The Laguna Province is one of the lesser-known areas in the Philippines but one of the most beautiful. Visitors can enjoy hot springs as well as the City of Seven Lakes. Most of the sites can be easily accessed by car but local transport is very good too. The Philippines is another country that is well known for their warm and friendly locals who will be more than willing to recommend the best dishes and delicacies to try during your stay.

  • Azerbaijan
Source: Culture Trip

This unique destination is affordable and has so much to offer. From architecture and museums to delicious local dishes the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a country that everyone should see. Located in Europe, visitors can look forward to getting lost in small villages and exploring mud volcanoes. Every corner of this country has something different to offer.

  • Gobi Desert – Mongolia
Source: Unsplash

If you really want to get away from everything, you may want to consider the Gobi Desert in beautiful Mongolia. Explore the dunes, take in the mountains and keep an eye out for the amazing wildlife during this unique experience.

  • Serbia
Source: Forbes

Located in Europe, Serbia is a country that very few people consider exploring. The laid-back café culture is perfect for the daytime, while the lively parties by the Danube are a great way to spend your evenings. Once you start venturing further out, you can enjoy an array of wineries, ancient memorials and outdoor adventures.

  • Cape Winelands – South Africa
Source: Venturists

Finally, if you not only want to enjoy sprawling views but drink award-winning wine too, the Cape Winelands is a must-see destination. The Cape is one of South Africa’s most popular destinations and for good reason. Areas such as Franschhoek and Stellenbosch are home to some of the world’s best wineries where you can enjoy first-class tastings, gorgeous vineyards and the surrounding mountain range.