Amsterdam Travel Tips

Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam Travel Tips – Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam – a city that is at the top of every traveler’s bucket list. It’s also one of those cities you can’t but love, thanks to its gorgeous canals, narrow and colorful houses, chic flower-riddled bridges, amazing bicycle life, and extremely liberal culture.

Even though it’s generally regarded as being Europe’s sort of getaway destination, Amsterdam is a city that has a bit of everything for everybody. If Amsterdam is already included in your itinerary, and especially if it’s your first time visiting this amazing city, then there’s a good chance you will find our list with top travel tips quite useful.

Avoid weekends

As we’re sure you know, Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. During the summer months, the city gets really crowded on weekends, since many Europeans from the neighboring countries frequently visit it. It can also be a somewhat expensive city, with prices of rooms often doubling or tripling during the weekend. This brings us to another tip: plan your accommodation well in advance (especially if you’re planning to visit the city at peak season).

Beware of cyclists

The Dutch’s preference for cycling is almost legendary, and Amsterdam is arguably the perfect depiction of this specific culture. Amsterdam is, in fact, the most bicycle friendly city in the world, with more bikes than actual residents. Since most tourists are not aware of the massive number of bikes in the town, don’t be surprised if you will get shouted out by locals if you don’t notice the bike lanes and walk on them. A good tip is ALWAYS to look two or three times before crossing roads. Please be mindful of bike lanes and stay off them in order to avoid injuries.

Be prepared for extremely fast-changing weather

The Netherlands is renowned for its unpredictable weather. In Amsterdam’s case, don’t be surprised if you’ll get perfect sunshine and sweltering heat the first part of the day, and freezing cold with rain afterward (and maybe even snow in late autumn and winter). Hence, pack plenty of layers, an umbrella, and don’t forget the raincoat.

Learn the difference between coffee shops and cafes

A coffee shop in Amsterdam means something entirely different from the rest of the world. As we’re sure you know by now, Amsterdam is one of the few places on Earth where you can legally buy and consume marijuana and other types of recreational drugs. That’s what coffee shops are for. In short, cafes are the places from where you can get your regular lattes and cappuccinos, while coffee shops are places where you can buy and smoke weed.

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