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Air Doctor facilitates the process by offering you a very intuitive and easy way to find a trusted and licensed doctor near you and schedule an immediate appointment. Within 2 minutes you can search, find and schedule an appointment with ease.

All of the doctors we work with are licensed trusted professionals who are qualified to treat you.

Before scheduling an appointment, you have the ability to see all of a doctor’s information including their professional background, languages spoken, other patients’ reviews and much more all in a beautifully designed app.

With the relevant information easily accessible to you, you can immediately schedule an appointment with the best fit doctor of your choosing.

Since all of the doctors we work with are licensed and trusted, you can take the receipt after the set appointment to your insurance company for a full refund.

Using Air Doctor is as easy as pie:

  • Enter a search criteria
  • Choose the doctor that works best for you
  • Request an appointment with the doctor
  • The doctor will get back to you with a confirmed time
  • After the appointment, you will receive a receipt which you can submit to the insurance company

Simple, easy and reliable! 

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