Sick or hurt while traveling? Air Doctor has your back

A terrible experience on vacation inspired an Israeli to start a service linking travelers to trusted physicians in a growing variety of countries.



Sick on an Overseas Vacation? This Startup Hooks You Up With Local Doctors

Israel-based Air Doctor develops an online marketplace for pre-vetted doctors. The company raised $3.1 million from French insurer AXA



Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat Announces Top 10 Startups from 2018 MassChallenge Israel Cohort

AirDoctor: Have you ever been sick while traveling? Air Doctor connects between local doctors and travelers needing medical assistance.



MassChallenge Israel Announces 2018 Class

JERUSALEM – MassChallenge, a global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today announced that 55 of the worlds highest impact, highest potential early-stage startups will join its 2018 program in Israel. The selected startups work across a range of industries including medtech, future mobility, visual technology, and medtech and 33% of the cohort comes from countries outside of Israel including India, US, Poland, and Kenya.




5 Recommended Apps to Download Before Vacation

When you’ve finalized your tour plan, it’s a great thing to hit the App Store and download some of these supportive applications.




March 13, 2018 |

Not many people these days go on a journey without their phone. Some people would scold you for traveling with a smartphone or a tablet, saying you’re a slave to technology etc. But the truth is, technology makes life much easier. I understand that once in a while one can go out in the wild and lock themselves away from the telephone, electricity or a toilet. But making a fuss over someone bringing a phone along on a regular trip is like making a fuss over someone driving a car somewhere instead of riding on horseback or walking around in shoes instead of barefoot …


The Importance Of Patient Testimonials And Online Reviews For Your Medical And Dental Practice

October 17, 2016 |

If you’re a doctor or dentist you may have wondered whether patient testimonials and online reviews are important to your practice. A recent poll showed that 92% of potential patients read online reviews of their healthcare provider prior to making an appointment and 67% state that they are influenced by these reviews.

Clearly there are significant benefits from encouraging your patients to write unbiased reviews and testimonials for your healthcare practice. There are many reasons for you and your staff to start making a habit of asking patients to write online reviews on Yelp, Google, and other channels…


Air Doctor- Anywhere feels like home:

Have you ever been ill while travelling abroad?

Have you ever had one of your relatives needing medical assistance in a foreign country?

87% of all those who have   travelled abroad, have answered these two questions with: YES.

We are positive that everyone can sympathize with how stressful and helpless you feel while searching for a trustworthy medical provider, when you travel outside your homeland….


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