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Staying Safe During Spain’s Listeria Outbreak


If you’ll be traveling to Spain in the near future, this is what you need to know about the country’s biggest-ever listeria outbreak.

Spain is currently in the throes of its biggest listeria outbreak to date and holidaymakers are being warned to stay safe and keep an eye out for symptoms.

Over 150 people have already been affected by the outbreak and over 500 patients are currently being tested for the infection. Andalusia currently has the largest number of listeria patients but there have been other reported cases in regions such as Madrid, Catalonia and Extremadura.

What is Listeria?

Listeria is an infection that is caught from eating foods that contain a specific type of bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes). Deli meats and unpasteurized cheeses are the most common carriers of the bacteria.

Listeria is an infection that is caught from eating foods that contain a specific type of bacteria

 In most instances, the infection only results in mild illness but it can be much more dangerous to those with compromised immune systems, including pregnant women and patients over the age of 65. Well over a thousand people contract listeriosis every year, a hundred of which succumb to their symptoms.

Listeria is a food-borne disease. The only exception is in the case of pregnant women, who can transfer the infection to their baby. Listeria is not contagious.

If you’ll be traveling to Spain in the near future, this is what you need to know about the country’s biggest-ever listeria outbreak.

Keep an Eye Out for These Symptoms

Symptoms of listeria last for several days and include a lot of flu-like symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, nausea and diarrhoea.

In some severe cases, the bacteria can cause brain-related conditions such as abscesses and meningitis.

Symptoms will generally show up a few days after you’ve eaten contaminated food but in some cases, symptoms only show up a month after infection.

Listeria infections can last anywhere from one to six weeks, depending on how severe each case is.

Protecting Yourself from Listeriosis While on Vacation in Spain

Here are a few tips that can reduce your risks of contracting listeria.

  • If you will be purchasing and eating any fresh produce, make sure that you run it underwater for at least a minute and dry it before consuming it.
  • Thoroughly cook any raw meat
  • Think twice about eating soft cheeses, sprouts, deli meats and hot dogs
  • Ensure your hands are clean before handling any food
  • Since listeria can still grow in a refrigerator, it’s best to clean the shelves and walls with soap and water before storing any food in it
  • Avoid restaurants with buffets, salad bars and unclean surfaces
  • Always place food in a closed plastic bag before throwing it away
  • Keep all cooking surfaces clean before and after food preparation

Listeria is not necessarily a serious infection but it’s not something you want to deal with while you’re on vacation, which is why it’s best to know what to look out for. If you notice any symptoms, contact a doctor in your area using the Air Doctor app.


Galapagos Islands – pictures of a heavenly destination

Galapagos Islands – pictures of a heavenly destination

The Galapagos Islands is a top travel destination for good reason. This is why you should plan a trip of your own.

The Galapagos Islands is a destination unlike any other. Many travelers say that it has a unique aura and once you arrive, you soon forget about the rest of the world.

If you have an interest in Charles Darwin, evolution, history and adventure, you’re going to love this travel destination even more.

The Galapagos Islands are located just over 900km west of Ecuador and are a mecca for those who want to spend time in nature amongst unique wildlife. It’s also one of the few places in the world where the animals don’t have a problem being around humans, which means you can get up close to a lot of beautiful wildlife.

The Galapagos isn’t the most affordable destination though, purely because it’s not easily accessible but there are ways to plan a vacation that won’t break the bank. There is a limit on how many people are allowed to arrive on the islands, which is why the landscape still looks so pristine.  

Credit: Hurtigruten

Why the Galapagos Islands Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

If you like the idea of going a little off the beaten track for your next vacation, here’s why you should consider the Galapagos Islands.

  • Beautiful white-sand beaches. While the wildlife is one of the main attractions, travelers can also look forward to spending quiet time on the beaches filled with fine, white sand. Simply walking along the beaches is an experience all its own.
  • See what Darwin saw. In 1835, Charles Darwin sailed to the Galapagos Islands for the volcanoes but ended up collecting several Galapagos species for use in his research and to illustrate his controversial theories, which now have a place in natural history.
  • Take a small cruise. The island destination is well known for its small cruises, which can take you to see most of the archipelago’s 18 islands. The best hiking routes are also only accessible by boat.
  • Unique wildlife. The wildlife on the Galapagos Islands is just spectacular. In fact, the islands are home to species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. From 200-year old tortoises and an abundance of fish to huge iguanas and sea lions, travelers can look forward to a unique wildlife experience.
Sea lion underwater San Cristobal Island
  • Stunning views. If photography is your thing, you’re going to love this destination. The stunning views are enough of a reason to visit the Galapagos. The views from the top of the volcanic cone are something else.
  • Snorkeling and diving. Explore some of the most untouched reefs in the world and get up close and personal with the marine life that calls the waters home, including sharks and manta rays.
  • Scenic hikes. Take a hike through a unique landscape that’s filled with beautiful fauna and flora. While you can’t walk on your own, it’s easy to arrange a guided hike with a local.

Galapagos Islands: Quick Travel Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you plan your trip to the Galapagos Islands:

  • Avoid the busy seasons. Summer and the winter holidays are the busiest and most expensive times to travel to the islands.
  • Resources are limited. You are heading to a remote destination so be prepared for certain types of food to run out and for there to be little to no internet access.
  • Do some reading. To really appreciate the wildlife, fauna and flora, do a bit of research on your way to the islands or while you’re there. Otherwise, hire a tour guide if you can.
  • Don’t touch the wildlife. The primary rule in Galapagos is to leave everything as you found it. You also can’t touch the animals.
  • Take a cruise. If your budget allows for it, take a cruise as this is the best way to see as much of the islands as possible during your trip. Some of the best activities are also only accessible via boat.
  • Choose your season. The islands only have two seasons: hot/wet and dry. Hot/wet is from December to May and is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The Dry season is from June to December, is slightly cooler and the marine life is bountiful.
  • Pack strategically. Some of the must-pack items for travelers heading to the islands are reef-safe sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, appropriate clothing for warm/wet weather and an underwater camera.
Christmas Iguana on Espanola Island in Galapagos Islands. Male Marine Iguana with Sally Lightfoot Crabs in background. Amazing animals wildlife and nature on Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, South America.
Animal wildlife nature photographer tourist on Galapagos looking at Galapagos Sea Lion taking photos on Galapagos cruise ship adventure travel holidays vacation, Espanola Island, Ecuador South America
Galapagos prickly pear on Rabida Island in Galapagos National Park, Ecuador. It is endemic to the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands are spectacular and everyone should experience it at least once in their lives. With a little planning and maybe some extra budgeting, this will definitely be one of your most memorable vacations.


World’s Largest Indoor Waterfall Opens in Singapore’s Changi Airport

in Singapore’s Changi Airport

After four long years of construction, the Jewel Changi Airport is open for all to enjoy.

Even though Singapore’s Changi Airport has been dubbed the world’s best airport for several years now, this hasn’t stopped them from making this space bigger, better and more beautiful.

Jewel Changi Airport is officially open and the new features have taken this space to a whole new level that both locals and travellers can enjoy. Along with helping travellers reach their destinations, the airport now also offers an array of dining, shopping and entertaining experiences in an almost surreal setting.

The scenes that you encounter when entering the new Jewel complex makes it feel like you’re experiencing a whole different world. Changi Airport is now home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, which drops 130 feet from an oculus.

The Vortex waterfall is surrounded by a four-story garden called the Shiseido Forest Valley, which is made up of over a thousand trees, providing visitors and travellers with a breath taking indoor forest experience. There is also a 165-foot sky bridge, giant slide and two mazes.

The flow of the waterfall is controlled using rainwater collection tanks, with the excess rainwater being used to irrigate the forest.

Because the 10-story building was constructed using glass and an aluminium and steel framework, it lets in a lot of natural light, which just adds to the beauty of the natural features within.

At night, a sound and light show lights up the tumbling waterfall, providing visitors with a whole new eye-catching experience. Travellers and locals can also enjoy an 11-cinema IMAX theatre, art installations, a number of restaurants and bars and the Changi Studio Experience, which includes interactive games and immersive shows.

Some of the additional offerings that have been added at the airport include:

  • Early check-in services
  • Baggage storage facilities
  • YOTELAIR hotel with over 100 rooms
  • Changi lounge for cruise passengers
  • Power bank loans

Airports aren’t generally seen as fun but Changi Airport is changing the game. The Jewel is only 30 minutes away from Singapore’s central business district, so locals can enjoy this new complex just as much as international travellers can. In fact, the airport is already attracting thousands of local visitors, especially because Singapore isn’t a big place to begin with, so having an attraction such as this is a big deal.

Changi Airport currently connects to over 400 cities globally and is the seventh busiest airport in terms of international traffic. If you’re planning to visit Singapore in the near future, you may want to take some time out to experience all that the Jewel has to offer.

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How to Handle the Current Heatwave in Europe

Heatwave in Europe

If you’re heading to Europe for business or a vacation in the next few days, here is how you can prepare for the current heatwave.

Europe is currently in the throes of a record-breaking heatwave that will send temperatures over the 40-degree mark.

Spain will be the first country to be hit by this intense heat but Paris, Prague, Zurich and Munich can also expect to experience at least 41 degrees Celsius over the coming days. The heatwave is the result of a storm over the Atlantic Ocean, which is pulling extremely hot air in from Africa and northward across Europe.

According to Accuweather, the heatwave may last until the beginning of July, which means locals and travelers need to be prepared.

Tips for Handling a Heatwave as a Traveler

Here are a few ways that you can cope with the heat that’s currently sweeping over Europe:

  • Stay Hydrated

The last thing you want on your vacation is heatstroke so make sure that you are as hydrated as possible throughout the day. You should never feel thirsty – if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrating, so stock up on bottled water to keep your body and mind hydrated and healthy. Placing your water bottles in the fridge before you head out will also help you to stay cool.

Man is refreshing himself in Public square under summer high temperature with Fire hydrant water
refreshing himself, Heatwave in Europe 2019
  • Time Your Activities

As you can imagine, you don’t want to be outside when the sun is directly above you as this is the hottest time of the day. Plan your activities for the morning or late-afternoon and use the hotter parts of the day to take a nap or do something indoors. Since the sun also sets much later in summer, it’s easier to plan your activities for the early evening. Before you leave your accommodation for the day, close the curtains and open the windows to allow cool air to circulate while you’re out.

 the hotel pool In the hot hours of the day
In the hot hours of the day
  • Plan Your Transportation

Planning how you’re going to get around is another way to combat the heat. Buses should be avoided if you can as you may need to stand and wait in the heat. A taxi or Uber is a much better option, as are trains and monorails if they have air conditioning. There are certain stations where there is no air conditioning though, so this wait will also be close to unbearable. Choose your train trips and stations carefully when the temperatures are this high.

  • Carefully Plan Your Clothing

By regulating your core temperature, it’s easier to cope when temperatures are exceptionally hot. Opt for light colors as well as lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. This will allow the air to circulate against your skin, keeping your body cool. You can wear long pants and shirts if you want to protect your skin from the sun, just make sure they are loose-fitting and that the fabrics are light. Don’t forget to bring a hat, a good pair of sunglasses and sunscreen with you too.

  • Cold Showers Actually Aren’t a Good Idea

Believe it or not, a cold shower isn’t a good idea during a heatwave. The cold water is definitely going to cool your skin but it won’t do anything to alter your core temperature. By jumping in a cold shower during a heatwave, your mind will think your body is feeling cooler but the reality is that the cold water has shocked your skin. This will cause your body to overproduce heat later on to counteract this sudden change in temperature.

While high temperatures can be dangerous, there are still ways to embrace it and enjoy your vacation anyway. If you do need to see a doctor as a result of the heat, simply hop onto the Air Doctor app.


Best 5 European City Breaks for Summer 2019

Best 5 European City Breaks for Summer 2019

There is nothing like a city break on a weekend. It can be very refreshing to experience a new place’s culture and art.

Break the monotony of your weekends and create memories to last a lifetime by taking a trip this summer to one of the best 5 European city breaks for 2019.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne is a beautiful city set upon the shores of Lake Geneva. The city is a melange of urban chic with old-timey tranquillity, as the old Gothic buildings of the medieval Old Town blend with the narrow alleys filled with cafés, restaurants and boutiques.

There are many museums which you can explore, including Brut, MUDAC and the Hermitage, with some being free on the first Saturday of the month. Nature lovers can enjoy the lake views by taking a steamboat to cruise around or go for a long trek in the Sauvabelin Forest.

Scenic summer night view of the Old Town of Lausanne, Switzerland
Scenic summer night view of the Old Town of Lausanne, Switzerland

Amsterdam, The Netherlands             

Amsterdam is known for its vibrant nightlife, incredible history and meandering canals. With hundreds of picturesque bridges and waterways, you can always find a way to take a walk, or a bike ride, beside the water. There are many spacious parks, such as Vondelpark, where people come to relax in a green surrounding.

Many hidden bars, galleries and places have fascinating histories, and you can certainly meet interesting people with whom you can chat. 

Amsterdam has an assortment of interesting and unique museums, such as the Anne Frank Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and Ons Lieve Heer op Solder.  

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Valletta, Malta

The capital of Malta may be small, but the grandeur of its architecture and history more than make up for its size. Valletta features monuments dating back from the times of the Phoenicians and, by just taking a walk, you can admire the vestiges left from thousands of years ago.

The Saint John’s Co-Cathedral and its museum houses the largest painting and the only one that was signed by Caravaggio. Get lost in its many streets and piazzas that display architectures styles from the 16th century Baroque to Modernism.  

View of Valletta, the capital of Malta
View of Valletta, the capital of Malta

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has a reputation for being a sunny paradise where you always feel like you are on vacation. With miles of golden beaches, trendy clubs, Catalan cuisine, and amazing sceneries, Barcelona is a place where you can relax and party as well.

The medieval Gothic quarter awaits with ancient alleys and relics, while in Park Guell you can admire the many surrealistic works of Gaudi. While in Barcelona, you must not neglect to visit his greatest work, La Sagrada Familia.

Barcelona, Spain, Park Guell
Barcelona, Spain, Park Guell

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of Europe’s most enchanting capital cities, having grandiose centuries-old buildings and beautiful cobbled lanes which seem straight out of a fairy tale book. There are many chic and luxurious bars, shops and cafés hidden in the Baroque style houses.

For a more relaxed pace, you can visit the Mala Strana district or, if you are looking for more excitement, the Vrsovice area is the city’s hotspot for partying, hosting many clubs and bars.

The city is home to an assortment of museums, majestic cathedrals, and castles. The must-see places include the striking Old Town, Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, Prague Jewish Museum and St. Vitus Cathedral.  

Prague city skyline and Charles Bridge – Prague – Czech Republic

We hope our article has inspired you for your next city break this summer.


Where to Travel in Tenerife: Top Destinations to Look Out For

Tenerife islands

Over the years, Tenerife, the biggest one out of all the Canary islands, has consolidated its position as one of Europe’s most significant holiday destinations. Whether you’re looking for absolute relaxation on perfect beaches, vibrant nightlife, or taking soul-cleansing hikes in unusual locations, Tenerife has got them all.

If you’ve decided to go to Tenerife, here’s our list of top destinations and points of interest on the magnificent island.

El Teide and Mount Teide National Park

When most of us think about Tenerife, we usually associate it with fashionable Instagramable pictures of perfect blue waters and exquisite beaches. However, no visit to Tenerife would be complete without visiting “El Teide,” the third highest island volcano in the world. At 3718 meters, Mt. Teide is also considered the highest mountain peak in Spain.

The views from atop the volcano are simply blissful and breathtaking at the same time. On clear days, you can view over the neighboring islands of Tenerife. You can either hike or take a cable card to the base of the final cone summit. However, reaching the very top requires getting a permit in advance.

Teide volcano in Tenerife in the light of the rising sun.
Teide volcano

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is unique, natural, rock structures that only exist in the Tenerife. Lost Alcantilados de Los Gigantes is the second highest cliffs. The aforementioned cliffs surround the town of Los Gigantes, and this offers one of the best views anywhere in Tenerife. From the town’s harbor, you can hop on various boats and pay to go whale and dolphin watching.

Lost Alcantilados de Los Gigantes is the second highest cliffs.


Masca is one of Tenerife’s most exciting and gorgeous small villages. Located above a gorge which shares its name (“Barranco de Masca”), it is an isolated place in the mountains of Teno and can only be reached through a very narrow street. To access it, you’ll have to hike all the way there. Even though the hike takes somewhere between 3 to 5 hours, trust us, it’s definitely worth it, as its often regarded the most beautiful hiking path on the island.

La Orotava

A visit to Tenerife should not be all about beaches and exotic places. La Orotava is the perfect place to get a fresh infusion of culture thanks to its unique Reinassance mansions, beautiful churches, chic boutiques, beautiful gardens, as well as chic and romantic restaurants.

La Orotava
Many believe that La Orotava is one of the most beautiful areas in Tenerife. Located in the Valley of La Orotava, the town is made up of wonderfully kept traditional houses, leading the town centre to be declared a Historic-Artistic Site. The atmosphere is full of that stately air that settled after the conquest and has pervaded ever since. ​


Situated on the most northern point of Tenerife, Taganana is a place that has the potential to open your soul and make you forget all about daily routine. Founded in 1501, this is one of the island’s oldest cities.

It’s a wild, rugged, yet romantic place where you can enjoy some of the best views of the ocean, some of the most beautiful beaches, and all sorts of architectural Canary delights. Since the city is surrounded by lush, green mountains, it’s the perfect place for those who love hiking.

Other destinations worthy of your time and attention include Garachico, Cueva del Viento, and Piramides de Guimar Ethnographic Park. We hope you have a wonderful time during your stay in Tenerife.

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Easy Ways to Keep Eating Healthy While on Vacation


Your upcoming vacation doesn’t need to destroy your healthy eating habits. This is how you can stick to foods that are more nutritious.

You’ve worked hard and spent countless hours planning the perfect vacation – now it’s time to kick back and enjoy yourself.

It’s so easy to let your usual healthy habits fall by the wayside once you’re having a good time on vacation but the last thing you want is to come back home feeling guilty about the food choices you made.

This is not to suggest that you shouldn’t use this as an opportunity to try out the local cuisine and eat food that brings you joy, it simply means being more aware of what you are putting on your plate.

A Basic Guide to Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Staying healthy on vacation is easier than you might imagine. Here are a few guidelines that will make it easy to stay on track.

Plan for the Day Ahead

If you’re planning to spend the day sightseeing, pack a few healthy snack options in your backpack so that you aren’t forced to purchase salty or sugary snacks once hunger strikes. It’s usually easy to find fresh and dried fruit, nuts and healthy snack bars at the local grocery store, so make a point of doing some shopping before you start relaxing. Don’t forget to stock up on bottled water so that you can stay hydrated during your outings.

Eat One Meal at Home

When you eat at least one meal at your self-catering accommodation, you’re always eating at least one healthy meal a day because you’re in control of the ingredients as well as the portions. Most travelers choose to eat breakfast at home but you can make this call based on your itinerary for the day.

Keep the Local Cuisine for Lunchtime

If you want to indulge in the local cuisine, lunch is the perfect opportunity to do just this. Instead of eating a heavy dinner and then possibly going to bed soon after, try a delicious local dish over lunch so that you have the rest of the day to burn it off.

Stick to One Plate

When you stay at a hotel, there is usually an abundance of food options available in the form of a buffet, which means it’s easier than ever to overindulge. It may be tempting to go back for seconds but sticking to one plate will ensure that you can keep eating healthy while on vacation.

Eating healthy on vacation is not something that should make you panic, it’s actually quite simple. Now all that’s left to do is focus on the amazing local dishes you’re going to experience.

Must-Try Foods around the World

Here are a few of the dishes that come highly recommended around the globe. Enjoy!

  • Czech Republic: Goulash and bread dumplings are a must. The goulash is made with vegetables and potatoes, which is perfect for dipping your light and fluffy dumplings in. Ferdinanda is one of the best-rated restaurants for this dish.
Goulash soup with pork and mushrooms.
  • Spain: You just can’t miss out on paella while you’re in Spain – they know what they’re doing. If you find yourself in Barcelona, head to Bodega Joan for a great experience.
Traditional Spanish paella with seafood and chicken. Prepared in wook. Top view.
  • Germany: Jägerbraten mit Spätzle is slow-roasted pork served with a dark sauce and mushrooms, and is a must-try while you’re enjoying the beer in Germany. Prater Garten offers a truly authentic experience in Berlin.
  • Hong Kong: You won’t find better dim sum anywhere else. You simply can’t leave Hong Kong without trying it. Seventh Son comes highly recommended.
Top view of people eating dim sum
  • Indonesia: If you are heading to Indonesia, don’t miss the chance to try soto, which is a meat, veggie and noodle soup. Soto Kadipiro is one restaurant that you can try for a good bowl of soto.
  • Italy: Cicchetti is a type of anti-pasta that can be found throughout Italy and is the perfect snack after a long day of sightseeing. Head to Cantina do Spade in Venice for some delicious Cicchetti.
  • Switzerland: If there is one dish you should try while in Switzerland, it’s cheese fondue, and Chäsalp is said to be one of the best places to try it.
  • Vietnam: If you want a fresh and authentic dish while visiting Vietnam, mi Quang is definitely the one to try. Pho Xua is one restaurant that is said to serve some of the best mi Quang.

There is definitely no shortage of tantalizing dishes around the world but it definitely is still possible to work in healthier meals around all of the delicious local cuisine.  


The Complete Travel Guide to Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy Florence has since long been regarded as Italy’s culture capital. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most cultural and historical cities in the world

Florence has since long been regarded as Italy’s culture capital. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most cultural and historical cities in the world, riddled with amazing architecture, a vast selection of museums, galleries, boutiques, and storied sites.

Best tourist attractions and activities

The city’s best tourist attractions include the Florence Cathedral, Giotto’s Campanile, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Basilica of Santa Croce, the Baptistery of St. John, the Uffizi Palace and Gallery, Basilica di San Lorenzo, Piazza della Signoria, and Galleria dell’Accademia, Palazzo Pitti, Boboli Gardens, Piazzale Michelangelo, Church of Santa Maria Novella, San Miniato al Monte, Piazza del Duomo, Corridoio Vasariano, and Forte di Belvedere.

Constructed in 1436, the Florence cathedral is one of the most popular cathedrals in the world, boasting a monumental exterior and front façade with white marble and red, pink and green polychrome designs.

The Palazzo Vecchio is an important administrative building in the Italian city. It’s built in 1299 and it shares the same architects as the Duomo and the Church of Santa Croce. Ponte Vecchio is one the most famous buildings in Florence and hosts jewelers, art dealers, and souvenir shops.

Other noteworthy mentions include the Bargello Museum, Stadio Artemio Franchi, AquaFlow Firenze, Mercato Centrale, Palazzo Strozzi, and the Gucci Garden and Gucci Museum.

Places to eat

Of course, no visit to Italy would be complete without either pizza or pasta and a glass of red wine. Florence has an abundance of places where you can eat like a king. Some of the best restaurants in Florence are 4Leoni, Antico Noe, Il Profeta, Secret Bakery, Osteria Santo Spirito, Buca Mario, and Forno Top.

Places to get gelato from

Florence is actually one of the first places to have served Gelato. The city has a vast number of unique and exquisite gelateries, all competing for your pleasure. Some of the most popular gelateries are Grom’s ice cream, Gelateria La Carraia, and Gelateria dei Neri.

Place to shop

There are numerous boutiques scattered around Florence. So, it’s forgivable to spend some hard earned money on top-notch fashion shops such as Desii Vintage, LuisaViaRoma, and Todo Modo. One other excellent recommendation is the San Lorenzo Market, Florence’s famous leather market district. For expensive clothes shopping, make sure to visit Palazzo Pitti, or beautiful streets such as Via Tornabuoni, Via della Vigna Nuova, and Via del Parione.

Where to stay

Being such a historical town, Florence has a wide selection of hosts and residences. Some of the best hotels in town are Hotel Savoy, Hotel Helvetia & Bristol, In Piazza della Signoria, Residenza D’Epoca, Relais Santa Croce, Le Stanze di Santa Croce, J.K. Place Firenze, The St. Regis Florence, Palazzo di Camugliano, AdAstra, Soprarno Suites, and Hotel Lungarno.


Without a doubt, Florence has a lot to offer. If you’re not feeling up for visiting any of the places in this guide, you can very well catch a sunset on the river Arno, take a stroll in the Villa Bardini Garden, or even take a trip to Fiesole.

We hope this guide will prove useful and that you’ll have enough time to visit everything on it.


Vienna Travel Tips: Where to Go and What to See in 48 Hours


With our increasingly active lifestyle as of late, it’s not surprising that city or weekend breaks are now more popular than ever. Sure, one can argue that 48 hours is not enough in order to see a city or to really get a taste of what the culture is like.

However, even though you don’t really have the time to get “intimate” with the surroundings, 48 hours is still a lot of time that can be spent visiting any city. Located almost in the heart of Europe, making it incredibly accessible, Vienna is one of the best cities for a quick 48-hour city break, because it has a staggering amount of tourist attractions located close to each other.

Schonbrunn Palace

Let us tell you right off the bat, no trip to Vienna, long or short, would be complete without a visit to the Schonbrunn Palace, one of Europe’s most interesting and beautiful UNESCO-listed palaces. It has over 1,440 rooms, huge gardens, ornate fountains, wide green lawns, and some very romantic walking paths. It may be a perfect example of Baroque beauty, but then nothing beats a short stroll around the grounds with your loved one in the warmer months.

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Austria at dusk


If you want to add a bit of fun to your short stay in Vienna, then visiting Prater is a must. Prater is the largest and most famous public park in Vienna. Not only does it host the Wurstelprater, the oldest amusement park in the world, but it’s also a place for getting outstanding panoramic photos of the city.

Wurstelprater is an amusement park and section of the Wiener Prater in Vienna, Austria.


Ringstrasse in translation means “the ring road.” It runs around the center of Vienna, past some of the capital’s most impressive landmarks and buildings. Along the way, you can see the Vienna State Opera, the Imperial Palace, the Parliament, the Natural history Museum, and the City Hall.

Ringstrasse in translation means “the ring road.”


You will have to grab something to eat during your short stay in Vienna. You can mix pleasure with “business” on this account and pay a quick visit to Naschmarkt, Vienna’s biggest food market. It’s built over the Wien river, and it has two main alleyways, one dominated by restaurants, and others by food stores and stalls.

Vienna – Austria, Naschmark

St. Stephens Cathedral

St. Stephens Cathedral is one of the city’s most prominent architectural landmarks. It’s a gorgeous Gothic cathedral that stands tall at almost 137 meters. It’s impressive to look at from below, it’s just as impressive inside, but the cherry on top of the cake is the view it offers from the top. To be rewarded with one of the best views in the city, you’ll have to undergo a 343-step climb.

St. Stephens Cathedral


Vienna is renowned for being a city of culture. The city’s museum quarter is represented by an area of 60,000 m2, with over 70 cultural institutions. Here is a list with some that are definitely worth a visit: the Belvedere, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Leopold Museum, and Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna.

We hope this guide will prove useful and that you’ll have enough time to visit everything on it.


Best of Copenhagen: Top Things to Do & See

Best of Copenhagen: Top Things to Do & See

Copenhagen is slowly but surely carving its way up the list of top travel and holiday destinations, not just for Europeans, but for people all across the globe. Even though it’s a historically and culturally rich place, there are other aspects that might appeal more to the modern traveler.

For starters, it allows you to see a glimpse within the lives of the Danes which are said to be the happiest people in the world. The city is also renowned for its outstanding coffee shops, some of the world’s best restaurants, as well as one of the best cycling cultures anywhere on the planet.

Let us explore some of the best things to do and see in Copenhagen.

Get the adrenaline pumping at Tivoli Gardens

You can think of Tivoli Gardens as an amusement park on steroids. It’s one of the most famed and oldest theme parks. It boasts a unique selection of carousels and rollercoasters which will be sure to pump your adrenaline levels higher than ever before. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, try the Star Flyer, a carousel that rides up 80 meters above the ground.

 Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. The amusement park is the second oldest in the world.
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. The amusement park is the second oldest in the world.

Say hello to the Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions. The sculpture is over 100 years old and is the work of sculptor Edvard Eriksen, as a tribute to renowned author Hans Christian Andersen. The sculpture might surprise due to its small scale, but you should not feel disappointed as the walk up to the harbor side offers some picturesque views.

Statue of The Little Mermaid  in Copenhagen
Statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Take a chill stroll in the OId Town

Visiting a city’s Old Town is one of the best ways to get to grips with it. The Stroget is one of the most famous streets in the city. There, you’ll find a dozen independent shops, as well as the world’s largest pedestrian malls.

Rent a bicycle

It might sound ordinary, but one of the best ways to experience the real Copenhagen is by bicycle, since nearly all its residents rely on them to get around. If you’re worried about your riding skills or athletic potential, know this: the people are very friendly and understanding, and the city is flat, so there are no hills to climb.

Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the World.  Copenhagen, Denmark in a summer day
Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the World. Copenhagen, Denmark in a summer day

Visit Christiania

If you’re feeling adventurous, then a trip to Christiania, also called Freetown, is a must. The place was built in 1917 by a group of hippies, and it’s now regarded as a sort of autonomous anarchistic district in Denmark’s capital. It’s a unique mix of houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, and cheap and organic eateries. – A sort of society within a society.

Take some fantastic pictures at Nyhavn

Nyhavn (or New Harbor in English) is a historic waterfront area and one of the most representative areas of Copenhagen. It’s located next to a 17th-century canal where old wooden ships are still moored. The highlight is represented by the unique-looking tall houses painted in bright colors. In short, no visit to Copenhagen would be complete without a few pictures of the extremely artsy homes.

Nyhavn district is one of the most famous landmarks in Copenhagen.
Nyhavn district is one of the most famous landmark in Copenhagen. People enjoy sunny weather in open cafees in Copenhagen on July 25, 2014

May you have a great vacation in Copenhagen.