How Technology is Completely Changing the Way We Travel

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There are a number of apps that make it that much easier to travel and Air Doctor is changing the way people approach medical care while on vacation.

According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourist arrivals are expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030. People are definitely on the move for both business and pleasure, and thanks to technology, traveling to an international destination is easier than ever before.

Today’s travelers have access to a wide array of tools and apps that make it possible to book a flight, schedule transportation, find a place to stay and order a meal. There has, however, always been one area that’s been a bit fuzzy for travelers, and that’s medical care.

It’s one thing to arrange travel insurance before you embark on a trip but would you know where to start your search for a doctor if you really needed medication after falling ill on vacation? This is where Air Doctor comes in.

Nobody expects to fall ill while they’re on vacation but it does happen. After speaking to a number of travelers about the issues they’ve run into while on an international trip, many agreed that trying to find a reputable doctor that speaks English was a common problem.

The reality for many travelers is that searching for a reputable and qualified doctor means scrolling through countless foreign sites and hoping you will find information you can understand. At the end of the day, most travelers end up waiting for hours at a hospital before they can see a doctor and end up having to communicate with staff that knows little to no English.

The fear of receiving inferior medical care is something that prevents many travelers from seeking any medical assistance at all. Some even choose to end their trips early because they would prefer to see a medical professional in their home country. Fortunately, Air Doctor has changed the way travelers view medical care while they’re on vacation.

Yam and Jenny, the founders of Air Doctor, had a similar experience themselves, which is why they decided to create an app that would provide travelers with the peace of mind they need when they’re far away from home.

Today, Air Doctor is the go-to app for travelers who want to find local doctors who can provide them with quality care in a language they understand. Simply enter your location and the type of assistance you require to find a doctor that suits your needs. Each of the doctors that are listed on the Air Doctor app has been vetted, which means they have the necessary experience and qualifications to provide you with superior medical care and advice.

Almost every traveler has apps such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor on their phones but Air Doctor is definitely one to add to the mix if you want to travel with even more peace of mind than ever before. Air Doctor is absolutely free and available for both Android and iOS devices as well as mobile-friendly webapp.


How to Manage Stress


Stress is a common condition that can be experienced from time to time. Recently, the number of stressed individuals has increased to an alarming level all over the world. If this condition is left untreated or unattended, it can lead to other mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. This is why it is important to cope with stress at an early stage. There are many day to day situations that are encountered by people which can lead to stress. They range from household issues to workplace conflicts. Moreover, increased workload and deficiency of recreational activities can also contribute.

Mild stress can be managed by making some lifestyle changes. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce or cure stress, and they are given below.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, but also unwinds your mind. People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from stress. Physical activity of 30 minutes is advised for five times a week. Exercises that increase heart rate are preferred.

Exercise Regularly

Take a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet improves general health and boosts mood. Increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and cut down on junk food and carbonated drinks. Make sure that you are getting all micronutrients too. If there is a deficiency, go for vitamin and mineral supplements.

Healthy food selection: food sources of omega 3 and unsaturated fats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, superfoods with high vitamin e and dietary fiber, cereals on gray background
Healthy food selection: food sources of omega 3 and unsaturated fats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, superfoods with high vitamin e and dietary fiber, cereals on gray background

Give Time to Your Hobbies

Even if you have a busy life, make sure you spare some time for your hobbies too. Figure out what helps relieve your stress and take out some time every day to do that activity. Such activities include gardening, reading, listening to music, watching a movie, playing a game etc.

Share Your Problems

Everyone has friends and loved ones in his life. Make sure that you spend some time with them and share your problems. It helps relieve stress and allows you to find a solution for your problem.

Perform Deep Breathing

Whenever you feel stressed, spare a few minutes and breathe deep for some time. It is a very good way to relieve stress, and it can be done anywhere, even at work.

Relax Your Muscles

Your muscles also get tensed when you are stressed. Doing muscle relaxing activities can improve stress as well. These activities include stretching, massage and a hot shower or bath.

Do Not Overburden Yourself

Life is too fast these days. Everyone is striving for better, and it is consuming peace. Make sure you are not overburdening yourself by setting difficult goals. This situation increases stress. Learn to be contended with what you have got, and set a realistic goal that does not mess with your physical and mental health. Know that you cannot control everything in your life.

Take a Break

Take a break from your work every now and then. Plan a trip, picnic or other activities that boost your energy. This activity allows you to take a new stress-free start every time.

Identify What Triggers Stress

This is a very important point to avoid recurrence of stress. Identify the triggering factors behind your stress, and avoid them. They can be something at your work, home or anywhere else. Closely notice what makes you anxious and stressful.

All the above given points help cope stress. However, if they are not helping and your stress is getting worse, you need to see a doctor before it gets chronic and transforms into more serious illnesses.